Brazil Cascavel Verde Pulp Natural Coffee


Brazil Cascavel Verde Pulp Natural coffee is a single origin premium coffee beans from various regions in Brazil. This coffee is pulped natural processed and roasted in medium level with balanced acidity. Peanut, walnut, brown sugar flavor with blackberry aftertaste. This coffee is perfect for pour-over, espresso, black coffee drinks.

Origin: Brazil
Region: Various
Farm: Various
Grade: NY2 Scr. 16+
Variety: Various
Altitude: 800 to 1,110 masl
Process: Pulped Natural

Roasting Level: ●●●○○
Acidity: ●●○○○
Sweetness: ●●●○○
Nutty: ●●●●○
Flavour: Peanut, Walnut, Brown Sugar
Aftertaste: Blackberry fruit