Urnex Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets (430g)


Grindz is an easy and effective solution for cleaning your grinder. This helps keep equipment clean ensuring better tasting coffee and longer lasting machines.

  • Removes coffee residue and oils in standalone coffee grinders (not for super-automatic espresso machines)
  • Patented, all-natural, food-safe and gluten-free tablet absorbs and loosens coffee grounds
  • Effectively cleans grinders without disassembling burrs or casings
  • Use regularly to ensure proper hygiene and to maintain consistent grinder performance
  • Ideal for use to prevent flavor transfer when switching between regular, decaffeinated, and flavored coffee beans
  • Net Weight: 430 g (15.2 oz) per bottle

*Grindz is only for use in standalone grinders and should not be used with grinders that are integrated into Automatic Espresso or Coffee Machines.