Chinese New Year 2019

Love your Coffee this Chinese New Year

Love your Coffee this Chinese New Year

Chinese New year is here and luck is in the air!

One of the most anticipated festivals of the year is Chinese New Year. Celebrations and rituals are designed to clean the slate and prepare for a new year of prosperity, good fortune, and happiness. The Chinese New Year is a time of high spirits, frantic activity, and many pleasant reunions.

How is Chinese New Year celebrated?
The Chinese New Year is a two-week festival marked by family and friend reunions. Families traditionally gather over the first three days of the New Year to pay honor to their forefathers and mothers. Young people nowadays like to spend the last few days of the holiday relaxing, catching up with friends, and leaving on vacation by the third or fourth day.

Apart from a winter break free of school, collecting red envelopes from parents and relatives during Chinese New Year may be the best occasion for children. During Chinese New Year, food symbolism is very important. Almost every meal on the table is accompanied by a wish for good fortune, a large family, or good health in the future. On this day, people eat Tangyuan, which represents reunion, and adore colorful lanterns.

Coffee on CNY  Snacks on CNY

As we approach the Chinese New Year, which is a time for reunions and parties, it's a good idea to serve some delectable coffee to your guests, which they will undoubtedly enjoy and remember throughout the year. Offer great coffee flavors to your family and friends, such as our Blend, Single Origin, or Premium coffee.

Spend your money on a coffee you can enjoy!

One way you can incorporate this tradition of new year resolution is to try new things. Why not start with your morning routine? Coffee.

Pour Over Coffee

Coffee Roasters Asia offers a variety of great coffees, including Blend, Single Origin, Premium and Drip bag coffees. Simply place your purchase on our website, and we will send freshly roasted coffee right to your door. The difference is that you can save money by making your coffee at home. Every time you brew a cup of coffee, you'll be drinking delicious coffee.

Happy Chinese New Year and happy brewing!

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