Panama Hartmann Estate Black Honey Coffee

Panama Hartmann Estate Black Honey Coffee

Panama Hartmann Estate Black Honey Coffee
Panama Hartmann Estate Black Honey green coffee bean



Panama is a competitor for a new type of 'drink,' which has the ability to transform the way people across the world enjoy specialty coffee. Panama is known for its Geisha type lots, which have sold for more than $800/pound.


Luis Hartmann was born Alois St. Hartmann in Czechoslovakia in 1891 and came to the United States in 1914. Eventually, Luis Hartmann bought land in Chiriqui, Panama, and built a home there. Hartmann started planting coffee trees on the Hartmann Estate on that site.


Cherry is pulped after harvest. Mucilage and coffee are transferred to raised drying beds. When drying, raised beds allow for more airflow. During the first 24 hours of drying, coffee is normally not turned, but it is raked on a regular basis after that. Drying takes between one and three weeks on average.




Panama Hartmann Estate Black Honey coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Hartmann Estate farm Volcan region in Panama. This coffee is Black Honey processed and roasted in Medium level. Round body with light acidity. It has caramel, honey aroma and toffee, honey, black tea flavor with medium sweetness.


The Black Honey method is a drying method in which a portion of the cherry stays on the bean and is covered during the drying process. The Honey name does not associate with bees or a honey-like flavour profile. The name 'honey' refers to the mucilage (sticky substance) that has been left on the coffee bean.



Because it takes up a lot of room on the drying beds, black honey processing is one of the most expensive and hardest procedures for coffee farmers. It can take up to 15 days for black honey coffee to dry. These thin layers must be stirred, rotated, aerated, and raked out on a frequent basis during this time. In comparison to washed coffees, which require a considerable amount of water, this method uses less. 


Toffee, honey, and black tea flavors with medium sweetness characterize this coffee that has undergone the black honey process. Light acidity and a round body. Sweet morning pastries like waffles, buttermilk pancakes, and French toast go well with this coffee. It goes great with banana bread, coffee cake, and danishes, among other things!

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