Colombia Montebonito Washed Coffee

Colombia Montebonito Washed Coffee

Colombia Montebonito Washed Coffee

Since the 19th century, Colombia has produced and exported coffee that is recognized for its rich aftertaste, robust body, and sparkling acidity. The way traders and farmers conduct business is changing as a result of the specialist industry's growing importance. Colombia has rapidly increased its certification possibilities over the past ten years in addition to its extensive range of cup profiles. The most prevalent certifications that are accessible are Fairtrade, UTZ, Organic, and Rainforest Alliance.

Colombia Montebonito roasted beans


In 1960, the Cooperative of Caficultores de Manizales was established. The cooperative now has more than 3,000 members. Access to markets for their coffee and fair pricing for their produce are provided to members. Additionally, they receive agronomy training and have access to facilities. The cooperative works with field agronomists to give technical support.

A small town called Monte Bonito, which has less than a thousand residents, is located on the highway between Manizales and Honda and is situated along the Cerro Bravo's slopes. This small community preserves the farming traditions of the campesinos and offers a glimpse into the past of farming in Colombia's high Andes.

The bulk of coffee growers in this area operate on very small plots of land, averaging about 1-3 hectares and employing just 89 people. Each grower is entirely in charge of running the farm, with only the neighbors as sources of assistance.

The coffee is harvested hand picked ripe, depulped, and then allowed to ferment for 16–18 hours. The coffee is then rinsed the following day and is prepared for drying. Others use "carros quindianos," which are drying beds with a rail system, while the remaining growers utilize parabolic tents to dry the coffee for 10–14 days, depending on the climate. Some growers employ "Eldas," where the green beans are dried on the roof of the home.


The coffee will be brought to the Manizales Cooperative collection location in the town once the green beans have dried. Here, the beans are graded and divided based on quality, with more payments made to the farmers for higher quality. The coffee will thereafter be transported to Manizales, where it will be processed, stored, and prepared for distribution.



Our roasters carefully handled this outstanding Colombia Montebonito Washed coffee with care and roasted at a medium level to bring out the best flavours. When cupped, it has a rich, well-balanced body with flavors of candied chestnuts, dark chocolate, and cane sugar. Try this coffee and share with friends and family!

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