Geisha Coffee Colombia

Geisha Coffee Colombia

Geisha Coffee Colombia

Colombian coffees have a reputation for having a full body and lively acidity going back to the 19th century. Coffees from the central regions are prized for their overall harmony and fruity, herbal flavors. In the southern regions, there is a great appreciation for the manufacture of smooth coffees with considerable sweetness and citrus overtones.


Geisha Coffee Colombia is a single origin specialty grade premium geisha coffee beans from Huila region in Colombia, which is known for its exceptional coffee quality and is in high demand for its successful balance of acidity and sweetness. Mountains and volcanoes in the Huila region provide high altitudes and rich soils that are ideal for growing coffee. These authentic Colombian Geisha Coffee type beans are known for their exceptional flavor and are grown in the Huila Milagros top lot.

Geisha, in Ethiopia, is the location of the coffee plant's original breeding grounds. The long, slender beans of the geisha coffee variety have an interesting appearance. Additionally, it has built-in immunity to a variety of conditions. Finding commercial plantations is quite difficult due to its 30% lower caffeine content than the bulk of other coffees.

The farm, Finca El Vergel, is owned by Robinson Rozo and is located in Algeciras, Huila, Colombia. The farm is situated at a height of roughly 1,920 meters and has a total area of 68 hectares.

They have a huge wet mill and enough room to dry both washed and naturals, which is unusual for Colombian farmers. The remaining immature beans are manually picked out, fermented in grain-pro bags for 36 hours, and then spread out to dry for between 20 and 30 days after the cherries are received at the wet mill. Although Robinson is a young, driven grower, he has experience in specialty coffee. Robinson attended El Sena, a local trade school in Colombia, to learn how to cup before he began planting his own trees. Robinson also won the Huila Mágico competition held by Coffee Quest in 2020.

 Geisha ColombiaGeisha Colombia green beansColombia Geisha green beans

This coffee is natural processed and roasted to medium level. Cranberry, white grape and raspberry flavour.

The addition of dairy to this coffee is not advised. Geisha coffee flavors are typically too delicate, and dairy will cancel out the floral undertones and brighter characteristics you are paying for. 

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