Chemex Coffee

Coffee Brewing Series 7 - Chemex

Coffee Brewing Series 7 - Chemex

What is Chemex?

Chemex is a manual pour-over coffee maker that was first introduced in 1941 and remains popular today. The Chemex was invented by a German chemist named Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, who based it on the basic design and function of laboratory funnels and flasks. It has an elegant hardwood handle wrapped around the midsection of the classic design. The hourglass-shaped glass pour-over has a bowl-like bottom and a channeled top. Chemex is one of the most elegant brewing methods in the world.

How does it work?
The Chemex is a glass beaker with a paper filter, coffee grinds, and water that is used to prepare coffee. A circular filter is folded into the top half of the glass decanter, filled with grinds, and then poured over the top with hot water. A narrow, indented spout lets steam escape when brewing or pouring coffee once the filter and grounds have been discarded. A shapely wood corset wrapped with a leather ribbon surrounds the carafe's midsection, shielding the hand from the heat.

The Chemex is ideal for coffee enthusiasts who recognize that coffee is an art form and are eager to learn about all parts of the brewing process. Brewing coffee with the Chemex takes a few minutes, as it does with all manual pour-overs. As a result, it's not a good choice for coffee drinkers in a hurry.

What is Chemex made of?

The Classic and Handblown Series a rawhide thong and a wooden collar
The Classic and Handblown Series both have a rawhide thong and a wooden collar around the middle.


The Classic and Handblown Series glass handle
The Glass Handle Series features a glass handle rather than wooden collars and thongs and is available in a variety of colors.

Chemex is easy to clean. Those with glass handles are dishwasher friendly and just need to be run through the machine once. Models with a wooden collar and a leather thong must be washed by hand with soap and water.

Chemex Coffee

The Chemex coffee machine works best with light and light-medium roasts. The paper filters prevent particulates from entering the cup, resulting in a bright, clean, and crisp brew that highlights the lighter roasts' origin characteristics. The Chemex comes in a variety of sizes ranging from three to thirteen cups. There is also a model that is suited for brewing coffee for one to two people or a whole party.

How to Brew with Chemex

What you need:
Chemex 6-cup brewer
Scale (recommended)
Chemex filter
36 grams (5-7 tbsp) beans
600 mL water, plus additional for rinsing
Burr grinder (recommended)
Pouring Kettle (gooseneck preferred)

Brew with Chemex step 1  Brew with Chemex step 2  Brew with Chemex step 3  Brew with Chemex step 4


  1. Bring water to a boil and then let it sit for 30 seconds to reach 96°C.
  2. Unfold the Chemex filter and place it in the brewer's top, making sure the three-layered side of the filter is aligned with the pouring spout.
  3. For about 5 sec, pour hot water around the inside of the filter. Discard the rinse water while keeping the filter in place.
  4. Weigh your whole bean coffee and grind it on a coarser setting than medium.
  5. To settle the grounds, pour the ground coffee into the filter and gently shake the brewer back and forth.
  6. Start your timer and slowly pour just enough water to evenly soak the grounds (about 70 g). Allow it to settle for 45 seconds on your timer.
  7. Begin continually pouring in a spiral. (From 0:45 - 2:45 ) Pouring directly into the middle of the filter or around the edges should be avoided. If the water level in the Chemex approaches the rim, stop for a time to allow it to drain before proceeding. When your timer beeps at 2:45 or your scale reads 600 grams, stop pouring.
  8. Allow the entire amount of water to pass through the filter. (From 2:45 - 3:30) Remove the dripper's filter and toss out the grounds. Pour into your coffee mug and enjoy!

Note: Your grind may be too fine if it took you more than 4:00 to finish and too coarse if your end time was less than 3:00. Next time you brew, make a minor modification to the grind.

Chemex Coffee

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