Colombia Finca La Pena Honey Coffee

Colombia Finca La Pena Honey Coffee

Colombia Finca La Pena Honey Coffee

Since the 19th century, Colombia has been manufacturing and exporting coffee that is known for its robust body, crisp acidity, and rich aftertaste. Colombia produces fresh crops almost all year round, due to its many regions. The way dealers and farmers do business is changing as the specialist industry becomes more dominant. 

green coffee beans

Colombia Finca La Pena Laureano Janamejoy Honey Coffee
Finca La Pena is being handled by Laureano Janamejoy. The soil is rich in nutrients, allowing him to grow strong, healthy coffee plants. Every harvest, his family puts their heart and soul into it. They take pride in producing high-quality coffee that consumers like.

Nariño has long been engaged in armed warfare, isolating towns from outside industry. Coffee has provided a quick path to higher salaries and better living conditions. Coffee production has allowed Laureano and his community to better their living conditions while preserving their traditions and land.

This coffee grows 1,900 to 2,200 meters above sea level with the Caturra, Colombia variety. This is made from hand-picked luscious red cherries. The cherries were fermented for three days by the farmers. The cherries are then pulped, and the parchment and leftover mucilage are placed in a parabolic dryer to dry. To achieve even drying, the family rakes the parchment frequently. The drying time for parchment is about 15 days.


roasted coffee beans

filter coffee
From green beans, our skilled roaster carefully roast this specialty coffee in light roast. Enjoy its low acidity, balanced sweetness and a little hint of nutty. It is recommended to try this coffee in espresso and filter coffee (black coffee) and taste citrus, black honey, grapefruit flavours.

Our barista has a brewing recipe for you:
Method: Hand Drip
Water Temperature: 92℃
Ratio: 1:15 (15g coffee to 225g water)
Grand size: Medium
Blooming: 30-40sec, 30g water
Time: 2min 30sec
black coffee
Order this coffee, follow our barista's recipe and explore the flavours of Colombia!

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