Peru Jaén Palla Natural Coffee

Peru Jaén Palla Natural Coffee

Peru Jaén Palla Natural Coffee
This coffee might be your early morning cup of it might make your late-morning and afternoon a lot more pleasant.

Peru is in Western South America, between Chile and Ecuador, on the South Pacific Ocean. Peru has a wide range of climates, from tropical in the east to dry desert in the west. Peru coffee beans have an incredible flavor. Peru coffee grows few of the most beautiful beans that have an incredible flavor.

Peru is gaining a reputation for producing high-quality coffee beans around the world. Because of Peru's unique topography and microclimates, coffee trees thrived. Peru's micro-wet-milling heritage has helped to protect the country's water resources from the ravages of river-polluting pulp mills. The majority of farmers move their beans by foot or mule to the nearest town, which can take up to eight hours.




This single origin Peru Jaén Palla Natural Coffee is from South America, Palla Peña y Panchia farm in the Jaén region producing this Colombia and Pache Varietal coffee. This coffee is natural processed and roasted by our roaster in light medium level. This coffee from Peru has the aroma of dark cherry and rum raisin. Its smooth body and dark cherry acidity is being highlighted. You can't miss its honey, plum, cocoa, musk flavors on your cup.

Checkout this Peru Jaén Natural coffee and have a taste of this amazing cup from Peru!

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