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Benefits of Adding a Coffee Subscription To Your Morning Routine.

Benefits of Adding a Coffee Subscription To Your Morning Routine.

Get full control of your subscription at anytime.

By signing up for a coffee subscription, you can ensure that you always have the freshest coffee available. With an easy and delightful coffee subscription, you'll never run out of coffee again. So, let's get this party started!

What is a coffee subscription?

Coffee subscription is a service that allows customers to choose a variety of coffee beans, roasts, and blend/origin then make an order for when and how often they want their coffee brought to their door.

What are the benefits of having a coffee subscription?

Say Hello to Convenience ⚡

Coffee subscriptions take the worry out of planning your coffee habit. Everything is at your control, from the type of coffee and roast level to the delivery schedule. You can personalize your coffee subscription to meet your specific coffee needs.

You can remove, add or change the coffee / quantity of the products of your subscription through your customer portal. Customers can't yet add/remove products in the pre-paid subscriptions (Discovery Subscription plans).

Need to skip a month? No problem. You can manage this feature on your customer portal.

🍃 Drink the Freshest Coffee

Coffee subscriptions ensure that your coffee is always freshly brewed.

The tastes you like are locked in and ready to brew when you want them. Coffee is delivered directly from the roaster to your home!

Never Run out of Coffee 

With a coffee subscription, you'll never have to deal with an empty coffee bag again.

It's a convenient way to get fresh coffee delivered to your door anytime you want it. 

 💰 Better Value For Money

A coffee subscription service is an excellent method to guarantee that you receive fresh, high-quality coffee every month.

You can shorten the production and delivery chain by ordering directly from the roaster. 

Enjoy the perks for signing up for a coffee subscription. 

Enjoy 10% off right away! Require min 3 monthly charges (10% savings). Stay for 6 months to enjoy 20% Loyalty savings (from 7th month onward).

Explore Different Types of Coffee 🗺️

You'll be able to try a variety of coffees depending on the type of subscription you choose:

Coffee Blends - No two coffee blends are the same! Mix up your mornings with a brand new coffee blend and discover new and exciting flavors along the way.

Coffee Origins - Try coffees from all around the world and discover which regions you like best. 

Roast Levels - You can manage your subscription to receive a different sort of coffee if you prefer a lighter or darker roast.

Coffee Roasters - Some coffee subscriptions let subscribers receive coffees from our roaster’s picks each month. Sign up for a Discovery Subscription or Discovery Plus Subscription Plan and enjoy the adventure!

 😊 Start Your Day with a Smile

When you have a coffee subscription, you can't have a terrible day!

You'll always have freshly roasted coffee waiting to be brewed just the way you want it.

It'll be right there waiting for you to brew it whenever you want specialty coffee.


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How to Pick the Best Coffee Subscription for You ?

We offer several types of coffee subscriptions. The following will help you decide which plan is right for your daily coffee routine.

Start with the Coffee Beans

green coffee beans

No matter how you prefer to enjoy your coffee, it all starts by choosing the right coffee beans.

Coffee subscriptions are typically divided up into blends and single origin coffees. 

Blend Coffees have a consistent flavor profile and are roasted to perfection. If you want the same delicious coffee every morning, this is the solution for you. 

Single Origin Coffees have unique aromas and qualities. Each coffee origin has a distinct flavor profile you will enjoy.

*Discovery Plus Subscription includes Premium coffee crafted from beans with unmistakable flavors that have been processed with care.

And don’t forget about the grind! Coffee subscriptions will allow you to choose the right grind size for your home brewing set-up if you don’t have a grinder available. 

Choose a Payment Plan

There are two common subscription payment options:

Per Shipment Charges: These subscriptions charge on a recurring basis. You will be charged for every order you receive every month. This is great for coffee subscribers who desire complete control over their subscription. If you need to skip or pause a month, you will not be charged until you resume the subscription plan.

*This is applicable to all subscription plans.

Prepaid Subscriptions: Others prefer to pay for the entire subscription upfront. Prepaid subscriptions come in monthly increments such as 6-month programs. However, the delivery schedule of these subscriptions cannot be customized. When you prepay for a subscription, you will receive coffee at the predetermined timeframes.

*This is applicable to Discovery Subscription Plan and Discovery Plus Subscription Plan only.



Sign up for a Coffee Subscription Today to Brighten up your Mornings!

If you have decided on your coffee beans and your payment needs, be ready to sign up for a coffee subscription and  start your day with a delicious cup of coffee!


  • What are the types of coffee subscriptions?

There are two types of coffee subscriptions - Monthly subscription and Discovery subscriptions

Discovery subscription
Monthly coffee subscription


Every month our roasters pick 2-3 seasonal and delicious single origin and premium coffee from around the world.

Subscription order will be charged on the day orders are placed and will follow the predetermined delivery schedule.


This subscription may be your choice of flavourful blend or single origin coffee.

Subscription will be charged on the day the order is placed and will recur every month until you cancel, depending on when you placed your order.

*All subscriptions require a minimum 3 monthly charges.


When you sign up for a coffee subscription, you’ll enjoy up to 10% off your first order, coffee subscription orders processed and shipped to your doorstep in 1-2 working days, enjoy specialty coffee from the most celebrated farms around the world and the chance to try our blends, single origin or premium coffees every month!

Are you onboard yet? If so, head over to our subscriptions page to start your first order today!



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