Discovery Plus Subscription Plan


Every month our roasters pick 3 seasonal and delicious coffee from around the world for the Discovery Plus subscription box.

Each box is packed with 3 bags of whole bean coffee (100-200g per bag)

Get this Discovery Subscription Plan for yourself or someone you love every month! It's a great way to try a variety of different coffee every month.

<< 2022 Nov Coffee >>
El Salvador Cruz Gorda Mambo Natural coffee 200g
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Gedeb Coffee 200g
Blue Mountain Coffee Jamaica 100g

<< 2022 Dec Coffee >>
Rwanda Kanyege Honey coffee 200g
☕Indonesia Sumatra Mandheling coffee 200g
Kona Coffee Hawaii  100g

<< 2023 Jan Coffee >>
Colombia Montebonito Washed coffee 200g
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Kochere Washed coffee 200g
Panama Hartmann Estate Pacamara Winey coffee 100g

<< 2023 Feb Coffee >>
Brazil Santos Natural coffee 200g
Roaster's Blend coffee 200g
Geisha Colombia Coffee 100g

<< 2023 Mar Coffee >>
☕French Roast Blend Coffee 200g
☕Tanzania Kifufu Estate AA 200g
Hawaii Kona 100g

<< 2023 April Coffee >>
☕Geisha Blend coffee 200g
☕Yunnan KongQue Washed coffee 200g
Panama Hartmann Estate Pacamara Winey coffee 100g

◎Delivery every month (around the 25th)
Freshly roasted coffee whole beans are delivered to you every month
Auto payment every month. 
Or pre-paid for 6 shipments with one payment only.
 Get full control of your subscription at anytime. Change your coffee or pause delivery at your convenience.

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