Burundi Kayanza Kibingo Fully Washed Coffee

Burundi Kayanza Kibingo Fully Washed Coffee

Burundi Kayanza Kibingo Fully Washed Coffee
Burundi's coffee season is one of the most anticipated events on the coffee calendar each year. Smallholder farmers produce almost all of the country's coffee, and most of this small-scale output is of high quality. Burundi's sweet, clear, and usually floral coffees are putting the country on the specialty coffee map yearly.
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Burundi Kayanza Kibingo Washed coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Kibingo Washing Station, Kayanza region in Burundi. This coffee is fully washed process and roasted in medium level. It has a taste of earl grey tea, clean and cranberry.

This Red Bourbon variety coffee is graded FW Scr 15+ and grows at 1,700 to 1,900 masl.

Kayanza, Burundi's northernmost district, is situated near the Kibingo washing station. The cherry washing station at Kibingo is the world's largest, with a daily capacity about 750,000kg. The washing station consists of fermentation tanks, soaking tanks, and a drying area with drying and pre-drying tables – each station has its own purpose.

For quality considerations, the majority of Burundi's coffee trees are Red Bourbon. The average smallholder has about 250 trees, most of which are in their backyards.

Cherries are wash processed in a controlled environment. Pulping, fermentation time, washing, channel grading, and a final soak are all strictly controlled. On a Mackinon pulper, cherry is divided into high- and low-grade categories based on density. After that, the coffee is fermented for 10 to 12 hours in water from a nearby stream. Coffee goes through washing and grading canals after fermentation.

The parchment is spread into wooden trays or nylon bags and placed on drying tables. The maximum load for a table during peak season is around 1,000kg.

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This coffee is recommended to try in Hand Drip! Follow this recipe from our barista:
Water Temperature: 92℃
Ratio: 1:12.5 (12.5g coffee to 225g water)
Grand size: Medium
Blooming: 20-30sec, 30g water
Time: 2mins15sec

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