AeroPress Coffee

Coffee Brewing Series 5 - AeroPress

Coffee Brewing Series 5 - AeroPress

Coffee brewing has recently become a delicate art, thanks to a broad variety of beans and technology. You're experimenting with the flavor, nutrition, and caffeine content of your morning cup of coffee depending on how you make it. Another interesting brewing method that you should try is AeroPress!

What is an AeroPress?

The AeroPress is a small coffee machine that makes coffee using an immersion brew method for only a few seconds. To compensate for the shorter immersion time, the grounds are typically fine, similar to an espresso grind. The water is forced out of the brewer by manually pushing a plunger when the necessary immersion time has passed. With the help of a filter, the grounds are kept in the brew chamber. This produces an incredibly wonderful coffee with a wide range of lovely flavors and low acidity.

Parts of AeroPress

Parts of Aeropress

  • Filter Cap — A little cap that keeps the coffee in place and makes sure that only the smoothest coffee reaches your cup.
  • Plunger — releases trapped air out of the chamber, forcing water over the coffee and through the filter into your cup.
  • Chamber — here is where your ground coffee is patiently waiting to be brewed to sweet perfection.
  • Funnel — transfers the ground coffee from the coffee grinder bin to the AeroPress chamber. It fits on the bottom of the chamber and enables you to press into smaller mugs.


The Invention of AeroPress
Allan Adler, a Stanford professor, designed the AeroPress coffee machine. He's a well-known inventor with a penchant for odd-looking plastic objects. His company rose to prominence in the 1980s after inventing a new style of frisbee. Adler created a coffee maker that produced only one cup of coffee per brew. The majority of coffee makers at the time bothered Adler.

AeroPress Coffee  Making coffee with AeroPress

After only a few weeks of effort in his garage-turned-laboratory, Adler created a prototype. A plastic tube with a plunger-like movement was used in his design. The coffee beans' flavors would be compressed as a result. He brewed his first cup of coffee with his equipment and realized right away that he had created something unique.

Adler spent an entire year developing the design. Finally, he created the Aerobie Aeropress, which he named after himself. Since its launch in 2005, AeroPress has grown in popularity.

Let's Make Coffee with AeroPress

Filtered water
Coffee beans

Kettle, stovetop or electric
AeroPress, including scoop, funnel, and stirrer
Coffee grinder
Mug or small pitcher
Timer, optional


  1. Bring the water to a boil, then set it aside to cool for approximately a minute. (175° F and 195 ° F, or 79 ° C and 90 ° C) Then grind the beans by measuring out 2 full AeroPress scoops (approximately 57 g) of coffee beans and grinding till fine. Wet the filter, put the AeroPress together with a paper filter in the cap, and set it on top of a mug or cup. To wet the filter, pour in a small amount of warm water.

  2. Pour the coffee into the cup: Place the funnel on top of the cup and pour the coffee into it. Remove the funnel from the equation. Then pour in the water: Pour coffee into the AeroPress until it reaches the top line.
  3. Stir once, briefly, using the stirrer (or a spoon).

  4. Insert the plunger. Firmly press down on the plunger until a deep hiss is heard.

  5. Taste and dilute. The AeroPress produces a concentrated cup of coffee, you may add hot water or milk depending on your taste. Serve and have fun!

Make Coffee with AeroPress step 1  Make Coffee with AeroPress step 2  Make Coffee with AeroPress step 3

The Aeropress is a solid coffee maker that can serve as a good everyday brew method or a specialized piece of equipment in a large collection of coffee makers. Aeropress is a lightweight, long-lasting press with no glass to break, a portable coffee maker that they can use when traveling. It's extremely simple to clean the Aeropress; simply press the puck of compacted grounds into the compost or bin. It's price, brew method and size make it an especially good choice for certain coffee drinkers.

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