Colombia Villa Clara Estate Anaerobic Natural Coffee

Colombia Villa Clara Estate Anaerobic Natural Coffee

Colombia Villa Clara Estate Anaerobic Natural Coffee

Colombia Villa Clara Estate Anaerobic Natural coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Villa Clara Estate, Chinchiná, Caldas region in Colombia. This coffee is anaerobic natural processed. Anaerobic is a special processing method where coffee is fermented without oxygen. This distinct process results in rare and exotic flavors. Affected to the beans color changes darker after roasted. Sweet and smooth with chrysanthemum, caramel, complex flavours.

Villa Clara
With the properties of the Andean mountains at over 1500 meters above sea level, in the middle of the coffee region which has been declared common heritage of making by UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), Villa Clara Coffee is grown.

In a region which works with production methods allowing for sustainable forest, environmental, social and economical development, the township of Alto de la Paz is found, where the green of its mountains and the endless spectrum of colours of the local flora is mixed with the delicious aroma of its coffee. Cafe Villa Clara produces Coffea Arabica in Caturra and Colombia varieties, grown at 1,450 meters above sea level in soils. Melanudands volcanic ash is acidic, with medium-sized grains that allow for variable depth, with a thickness of over 100 cm and dark brown colour, producing light soils with high porosity. The soil of the region has the particular characteristic of a high water storage capacity, which allows plantations to have excellent reserves even in prolonged dry seasons.

Due to the geographical conditions, weather, soil and biodiversity, the Mejia Londoño family can grow for the world a balanced and flavorful Colombian Coffee with high cupping standards, produced and processed with strict quality levels and certified raw material. All the trees are manually planted ensuring healthy tree density of 8,000 to 10,000 trees per hectare. The cup has a fruity, caramel, fruity aroma, with sweet and complex taste.

Variety- Excelso Caturra
Fermentation-70 Hr slow and control aerobic 

Description Process
​Natural coffees are harvested ripe then leave it to dry intentionally, before that, the coffee beans will be placed in a GP bag for anaerobic fermentation for 70 hours to produce more flavour, then placed on Africa beds for sun-dried 20-25 days to reach its ideal moisture content.

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