El Salvador Bourbon Natural Coffee

El Salvador Bourbon Natural Coffee

El Salvador Bourbon Natural Coffee
Make a cup of high-quality coffee from El Salvador.

El Salvador used to be one the world's largest coffee producers, and it continues to produce high-quality coffee. Bourbon and Pacamara are two of the country's most famous cupping varietals. El Salvador already has a big and well-trained specialty coffee industry. Their coffee shines with almond, brown spice and dark chocolate.

El Salvador Bourbon Natural coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Los Pirineos farm, Usulutan region in El Salvador.

In Usulutan, the Los Pirineos farm is situated on a cone-shaped volcano. Coffee was first grown on the site around 1890. Gilberto Baraona's favorite variety, Pacamara, is grown throughout the land. He is an expert in this variety's cultivation and propagation. Bourbon Elite, Pacas, and Pacamara are the three coffee varieties they now manufacture. Plots of natural coffee trees and hybrids from throughout the world can be found on the farm.

The Bourbon, Pacas, Pacamara, Catisic, Cuscatleco, and Catua varietals are grown and processed by the region's coffee producers and processors. Because of their unique location near the seaside, great height, and volcanic soils rich in organic material and nutrients, the mountains of Tecapa Chinameca are known for the quality coffee they produce.

This is a Bourbon cultivar coffee grown at the Los Pirineos farm at elevations ranging from 1400 to 1500 meters. The gradual maturing and pleasant flavor development are aided by the cool nights. This Bourbon is part of an initiative to create a variety of natural spirits.

This coffee underwent a natural process. Brings the drying step significantly earlier in the process, just after picking, and fully removes washing/soaking, allowing the coffee bean to stay in contact with its fruity cherry for much longer than regular processing. The whole coffee cherries are dried for 3-4 weeks, sometimes on raised beds.

Coffee beans are raked onto a single layer on cement patios, and their entire hulls are mechanically removed once they achieve the ideal moisture level (no more than 12 percent). The coffee is significantly fruitier as a result of the extended contact between seed and fruit.

Roasted at medium level, this El Salvador coffee gives a silky body and balanced acidity. Tropical fruit, toasted nut, rice tea flavor with floral, peach aroma.

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