Anniversary Blend Coffee

New Flavour
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On our 10th anniversary, we offer a new delicious blend crafted to awaken your senses with every sip.
10th Anniversary Blend has a robust intensity of dark roast creating a symphony of taste that lingers on the palate. Meticulously selected and expertly roasted to perfection, ensuring a balanced cup.

This blend coffee has a balance of green apple and chestnut flavours, coffee blossom sweetness with a brown roast aftertaste. It is the perfect companion for your mornings. Whether enjoy a black or with your favorite creamer, this blend promises to elevate your coffee experience. Anniversary Blend Coffee is the perfect companion for any occasion.

Region: Brazil, Guatemala & Others

Roasting Level: ●●●●○
Acidity: ●○○○○
Sweetness: ●●○○○
Nutty: ●●●○○
Aroma: Pecan
Flavour: Green apple, Chestnut, Coffee blossom 
Aftertaste: Brown roast