Fresh Roast Blend Coffee

Aromatic and Great Tasting

Highlight the best of blended coffee; unique, complex and irresistible.

Blend Coffee

Our blend coffee is always about aroma and flavours. Our coffee smells great out of the bag, and gives you the boost you need to stay focused and energised all day. As soon as you catch a whiff of the smoky and chocolaty aroma, you will want to reach for a cup. Then flavours that are rich and intense take over your mouth and leave you wanting more. Finish it off with deep flavours that linger and encourage you to savour the experience! For those who enjoy coffee, try our dark roast blend coffee.

What Our Customers Think

French Roast Blend
Very smooth rich taste. Definitely recommend the French Roast if you like lattes.

Roman K.

Roaster's Blend
Fragrant and smooth. Great for making cold brew.

Iris W.

Classic Black Blend
Love this coffee! This is my favorite one!! Smooth, low acidity, hint of chocolate, nutty. Yum!

Kathy D.

French Roast Blend
Excellent for brewing espresso - rich crema, strong taste & a bit smoky, not acid at all!

Terry N.

Roaster's Blend
As described. Smooth, low acidity and sweet. Perfect for a morning wake-me-up.

Peng W.

French Roast Blend
Best of the blends. Intense and aromatic. 👍🏻

Martin R.

Roaster's Blend
Great coffee with right level of nutty taste and aroma filling up my kitchen. Value for money.

William L.

Classic Black Blend
I grew up drinking my coffee black and as my father says “this is NAVY strength!” Full bodied and robust. I’m still surprised I found this in HK!

Kimberly B.

Today, give our blend coffee a try!

We happen to think we have some of the best dark roast coffee beans around!

A rich blend and a favourite among our customers.

Roaster's Blend coffee is blended with premium coffee beans from a few outstanding countries including Brazil and Ethiopia. Roasted to a dark level creating a round bodied coffee with mild acidity. It has a fantastic aroma when you open the bag. This coffee’s baked honey sweetness, brown sugar, intense coffee flavour and smooth aftertaste will make you ask for another cup.

Origin: Brazil, Ethiopia, others

Recommendation: Filter Black Coffee, Milk Coffee, Cold Brew, Moka Pot

Roaster's Blend

An ideal blend for coffee starters.

Classic Black coffee is blended with premium coffee beans from a few wonderful countries of Colombia and Brazil. This coffee is roasted to a dark level with an amazing full body and low acidity. Enjoy a delicious dark chocolate, caramel sweetness, and nutty flavour in your cup.

Origin: Brazil, Colombia, others

Recommendation: Espresso, Latte, Black Coffee, Milk Coffee

Classic Black Blend

A perfect blend for the lovers of boldness and depth, strong and rich body.

French Roast Blend coffee is blended with premium coffee beans from the stunning Brazil & Sumatra countries. This coffee is skilfully roasted to a dark+ level, which is our darkest roast, to bring out a thick body with very little acidity. Adored for its intense notes of butterscotch, dark chocolate, black sugar sweetness and fresh herbs that lingers through every sip.

Origin: Brazil, Indonesia Sumatra, others

Recommendation: Filter Black Coffee, Milk Coffee, Iced Coffee, Moka Pot, Cappuccino

French Roast Blend