Drip Bags

Fresh "instant" Pour-Over Coffee:
New look, same great coffee!

A convenient way to enjoy gourmet coffee anytime, anywhere.

Introducing a new design for our drip bag coffee! Fresh look outside, same delicious coffee inside. We've been selling our own drip bag coffee for about a year now and it's time for a newer and fresher look. For coffee-lovers who like gourmet coffee made with Chemex or V60 hand drip but are too busy or you travel a lot, this style of pour-over coffee is easier and more convenient. All you need is a cup and hot water.

The drip bag coffee was born in Japan in the 1990's and has grown to become one of the standard styles of single serve coffee. Drip bag coffee is an instant way to enjoy a great pour-over coffee without a hassle. It's like a tea bag but instead of tea, it is ground coffee. The bag is also folded ingeniously with little paper stands, which suspend it over your cup. Simply drizzle in hot water, and voila! You’ve got an instant, single serving of fresh, pour-over coffee.

Your “instant” coffee doesn’t have to be the usual 3-in-1 powdered coffee-creamer-sugar in a pack or the first wave coffee most people are accustomed to, which is coffee grown exponentially, processed, and packed in factories and sold in grocery stores. Usually, this type of on-the-go coffee has already lost its true properties and the caffeine kick that we’re looking for. Aside from the run-down taste, the nutritional benefits of coffee are also no longer there.

In Coffee Roasters Asia, we roast, grind and pack the coffee all fresh. It is sealed single-serve, disposable drip bags for easy brewed coffee-on-the-go. This means you'll get to enjoy the top grade coffee selections from around the world! And your homemade morning cup will taste just as good as a pour-over coffee served in cafés. It'll give you a clean, tasty and aromatic cup whenever and wherever you are.

How to Use:

1. Simply tear off the top of the vacuum-packed packet and filter bag to expose the ground coffee, shake it lightly to level.
Slip the paper holder handles over the edges of your cup.
3. Pour hot water over the coffee a little at a time.
4. The coffee then drips out the base of the paper filter and you’re ready to enjoy delicious fresh hand-drip coffee.​

If you find the process to be complicated, check out the info-graphic.​

So, what are you waiting for? Get our fresh Drip Bag Coffee only in Coffee Roasters Asia!

Australia Drip Bag

New drip bag coffee, perfect for on-the-go brewing! Just add hot water to create a fantastic taste. Drip bag coffee is roasted and packaged in Australia, ensuring its quality and taste.

Using high-quality beans, CRA Coffee - the global brand of Coffee Roasters Asia - provides a premium coffee experience with a luscious and invigorating taste and high-quality beans.

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