Cold Brew Coffee

Introducing our new product!
Cold Brew Coffee for all seasons and especially hot days.

Our most refreshing coffee ever!

Cold brew is increasingly the “hottest” coffee drink in the world.
Coffee Roasters Asia has developed a simple solution that yields a superb clear cold brew with a fine taste.

It is prepared by immersing our specially packed coffee in cold water and allowed to brew for at least 4-10 hours in a fridge.​The coffee is then strained to produce a drink that is full of flavour, yet gentle and smooth. The longer extraction period in cold water produces a flavourful and delicate drink.

Our Cold Brew Coffee takes the complexity out of cold brew! You can now make it at home. All you need is a container with a lid such as a jar with a lid or jug with lid, and our coffee pack.

Guide of Cold Brew Coffee