Panama Hartmann Estate Pacamara Winey Coffee

Panama Hartmann Estate Pacamara Winey Coffee

Panama Hartmann Estate Pacamara Winey Coffee
Experience the delicious flavours of Premium coffee from Panama

Panama is a competitor for a new type of 'coffee-tourism,' which has the ability to change the way the world consumes specialty coffee. Panama is known for its Geisha type lots, which have sold for more than $800/pound.

The immense value of Geisha has attracted the best and worst in the market. Some individuals have circumvented land purchase agreements and deforested national park regions without permission. Panama's growing coffee business has shown that it has the ability to boost producer and worker incomes.

The flavor characteristics of nuts or chocolate are common in Panama coffee, which also has a medium to high acidity.


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Panama Hartmann Estate Pacamara Winey Coffee is a single origin specialty grade premium coffee beans from Hartmann Estate farm Chiriqui region in Panama.

Alois St. Hartmann was born in Czechoslovakia and moved to the United States before WWI. Hartmann later bought land and built his home in Chiriqui, Panama. Hartmann established the Hartmann Estate on that site and began planting the first coffee trees there.

In the 1950s, El Salvador's Institute for Coffee Research (ISIC) developed the Pacamara hybrid. The hybrid was created by crossing Pacas (a Bourbon mutation) with Maragogype. Pacamara is a short, high-yielding plant that is appreciated for its huge cherries. The name is derived from each parent's first four letters - Paca + Mara.

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This coffee undergoes a natural process. To distinguish this smaller-scale processing from the larger-scale natural processing, they term the processing method 'winey' process.

After the cherry is harvested, coffee and mucilage is moved to raised drying beds. African raised beds provide for improved airflow during drying, preventing overripening and spoilage. Cherry is carefully inspected throughout the process to remove any damaged or over- or under-ripe cherries.

Roasted in medium level, this coffee has brown spice, dark chocolate, grapefruit and white wine aftertaste.

Enjoy this Premium coffee with this brewing recipe !
Method: Hand Drip
Water Temperature: 92℃
Ratio: 1:12.5 (12.5g coffee to 225g water)
Grand size: Medium
Blooming: 20-30sec, 30g water
Time: 2mins15sec

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