Espresso Coffee

Coffee Brewing Series 8 - Espresso Machine

A shot of espresso is created by passing roughly 1.5 ounces of hot water through finely ground espresso coffee that is firmly packed. If everything goes smoothly, you'll end up with a dark brown, slightly viscous liquid with a small amount of crema (a foam similar to the head of a beer) on top.

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Chemex Coffee

Coffee Brewing Series 7 - Chemex

Chemex is a manual pour-over coffee maker that was first introduced in 1941 and remains popular today. The Chemex was invented by a German chemist named Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, who based it on the basic design and function of laboratory funnels and flasks. It has an elegant hardwood handle wrapped around the midsection of the classic design. The hourglass-shaped glass pour-over has a bowl-like bottom and a channeled top. Chemex is one of the most elegant brewing methods in the world.

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Siphon Coffee

Coffee Brewing Series 6 - Siphon

This coffee maker design has two bulbs stacked on top of one another and are connected by a stem. A wide hole on top of the top bulb feeds into a smaller opening on the lower second bulb through a stem. The top bulb is filled with coffee grinds, while the lower bulb is filled with water. The stem of the vacuum pot features a seal that creates a vacuum within the lower bulb that holds the water, hence the name. A filter is put at the bottom of the top bulb. This filter allows water to ascend through it, followed by the brewed coffee being released back into the bottom bulb.

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AeroPress Coffee

Coffee Brewing Series 5 - AeroPress

Coffee brewing has recently become a delicate art, thanks to a broad variety of beans and technology. You're experimenting with the flavor, nutrition, and caffeine content of your morning cup of coffee depending on how you make it. Another interesting brewing method that you should try is AeroPress!

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Moka Pot Coffee

Coffee Brewing Series 4 - Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is one of the most sought-after pieces of coffee equipment in the world. This is a coffee tool that produces a concentrated cup of coffee rather than an espresso alternative. This eighty-year-old coffee pot has been served in a variety of countries - widely known in Europe, Italy, Portugal, and Spain. This coffee maker is associated with Italian culture and may be found in practically every Italian home. A famous piece of houseware in any Italian kitchen.

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Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee Brewing Series 1 - Cold Brew

Making cold brew coffee isn't difficult, and it doesn't take the expertise of an experienced barista. You don't even need any extra equipment to make the coffee, except for a large container and a strainer. Would you believe you can create a superb cold brew coffee right in your own kitchen?

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