Dark Roast Coffee

Dive into Dark Roast Coffee

Dive into Dark Roast Coffee
What is Dark Roast Coffee?
Dark roast coffee has an oily, shiny surface and a dark brown color.
Dark roast is frequently characterized by a heavy body, low acidity, and rich, sweet, authentic flavor notes.

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What is the Taste of a Dark Roast Coffee?
Dark roast contains the traditional characteristics of coffee: a robust scent, a flavor that is smooth and chocolaty with just the adequate level of bitterness. Perfect for warming up on a cool morning or drinking cup after cup at a café.
Due to the abundance of surface oil, dark roast bodies are frequently quite deep. Dark roast coffee has a rather smooth, low-acid flavor that is rich and well-balanced.

Is Dark Roast Coffee Stronger?
Dark roast is often what you need if you want a strong cup of coffee. The floral/fruity flavor of light roast is seen by coffee drinkers as being "weaker" than the dark roast's heavy body and delicious, chocolaty fragrance.
Although a dark roast coffee may have greater flavor notes, the "strength" of the coffee actually depends more on how concentrated or in what ratio you brew it.

Dark roast coffee

How Dark Roast Coffee Looks?
An oily surface on a bean indicates a well-developed roast, and oils produce a powerful, lingering scent. After being brewed, the surface oils adhere to your taste buds and give the coffee a richer flavor. A coffee bean, however, was probably over-roasted if it is extremely oily.

What's The Best Way To Brew Dark Roasts?
The most flexible coffee to brew is dark roast. A solid, uniform roast gives it a consistent flavor, and its ability to handle heat and pressure makes it ideal for making espresso. As a drip coffee, pour-over coffee, or espresso, dark roast coffee is roasted to taste amazing.

Here’s a recommended recipe from our barista that you can try!
Method: Hand Drip
Water Temperature: 89℃
Ratio: 1:12.5 (12.5g coffee to 225g water)
Grind size: Medium
Blooming: 20-30sec, 30g water
Time: 2mins 15sec

dark roast espresso

What Should I Pair With Dark Roasts?
Dark roast is best enjoyed when paired with rich, creamy dishes like quiche, tiramisu, and chocolate cake. It complements spicy foods like curries and cream-based soups while providing a great counterpoint to tangy items like cheesecake and yogurt. Likewise, morning meals and pastries are always a good choice!

Is Dark Roast Coffee Good Over Ice?
Nothing compares to a hot cup of freshly made dark roast coffee. We recommend brewing dark roast both hot and iced because it tastes great both ways. Due to the deep earthy, nutty, and chocolate flavors that are brought out beautifully in the lengthy, cold-water brewing process, it provides a very rich cold brew.

Dark roast in Japan
Japanese people love dark roasted coffee with a strong aroma and taste. Coffee culture in Japan has evolved isolated from around the world and has much uniqueness not found in the rest of the world. In Japanese coffee, there is Charcoal Roasted Sumiyaki coffee, which is a unique type of roasting that can only be found in Japan.

Sumiyaki is a Japanese method for roasting coffee beans over Binchotan charcoal that imparts a unique smoky flavor and aroma while removing excess water from the beans, cutting down on acidity and sourness. When charcoal is burnt, it gives off a large amount of Carbon monoxide which delays the oxidation process and prolongs the shelf life of roasted coffee beans.

Here's our dark roast blends that you will surely enjoy!

Classic Black Blend - dark chocolate, caramel sweetness and nutty flavour

Roaster's Blend - baked honey sweetness, brown sugar and smoky flavour

French Roast Blend - butterscotch, dark chocolate and black sugar sweetness

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