Colombia Huila Natural-Hidrahoney Coffee

Colombia Huila Natural-Hidrahoney Coffee

Colombia Huila Natural-Hidrahoney Coffee
Enjoy a cup of Colombian coffee that you can't resist!
Colombia, along with Brazil and Vietnam, is one of the world's largest coffee producers. In the early 1700s, Colombian coffee was brought to the country. Colombia has a long history of growing arabica beans, and its distinct environment makes it ideal for making a high-quality brew. The zonas cafeteras are home to almost 500,000 farms, the majority of which are modest landholdings of 5 hectares or less.

Colombia has a pleasant allowing it to produce excellent coffee all year. Colombia's climate is steady due to its volcanic mountains. The arabica beans, as well as the meticulous harvesting of each bean, play a significant role. This perfect storm is the result of a number of variables coming together.

Colombian coffee beans have a strong flavor, a full body, a brilliant acidity, and are highly aromatic.



Moises Chaguala, who lives with his wife and two sons on his farm El Recuerdo in the Huila region, one of Colombia's most well-known coffee-growing regions, grows this coffee. The Colombian Massif, which includes Colombia's second highest mountain, the Nevado Del Huila Volcano, makes up the majority of the Department of Huila. The volcanic soil is ideal for growing coffee since it is fertile. Coffee production and harvest take place for the majority of the year due to the weather, allowing for nearly continuous imports of fresh coffee. Ironically, the region's optimum growth circumstances, excessive rainfall and humidity, make drying and processing coffee difficult. 

Colombia Huila Natural-Hidrahoney coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Huila Moises Chaguala region in Colombia. This coffee is natural-hidrahoney processed and roasted at a light level. The Natural-Hidrahoney is a unique process in which they ferment cherries (without depulping) underwater for more or less 60 hours, then drain the excess water from the coffee and depulp it as honey. They are dried in marquesinas – solar dryers on raised beds.

Round and juicy bodied with grape acidity and has green apple, grapefruit, honeysuckle flavor. This coffee is best to enjoy in pour over or Chemex.

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