El Salvador Cruz Gorda Mambo Natural Coffee

El Salvador Cruz Gorda Mambo Natural Coffee

El Salvador Cruz Gorda Mambo Natural Coffee

With each sip, savor the refreshing flavor of this wonderful coffee!

El Salvador was formerly one of the largest coffee producer, and it still produces high-quality coffee. For more than two decades, the country's coffee production has been falling. Around the country, a new generation of coffee farmers has emerged, each with their own vision and method of production.

Mauricio is a sixth-generation coffee farmer, farming on property his family has owned since the mid-19th century. He and his father were among the first in El Salvador to make specialty coffee. Finca Himalaya is their original property. Finca Cruz Gorda was purchased by the family in the 1940s.

Mambo #5, popularly known as Cuscatleco, is a new El Salvadorean variety that Mauricio selected to plant. Their initial farm produced the first Natural lot to place in the top ten at the Cup of Excellence in El Salvador. This Natural lot is fresh and fruity, citrusy and chocolaty.

El Salvador Cruz Gorda Mambo Natural coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Finca Himalaya farm in El Salvador. In the Apaneca-Illamatepec Mountain Range, the Divisadero micromill is located in Ataco, a neighboring region. The environment is perfect for coffee cherry processing. Cherry is dried for 23 to 25 days in thick layers on raised beds.

green coffee beans
roasting coffee beans

This coffee is natural processed and roasted at medium level. It has a taste of red berries, lemon tea and chocolate flavour with a hint of blackberries sweetness and aftertaste. With the right brewing process, you will be able to unlock all the wonderful flavours in this coffee. Start to love this coffee after you follow this recipe from our barista! Indulge now!


Method: Hand Drip

Water Temperature: 92℃

Ratio: 1:12.5 (12.5g coffee to 225g water)

Grand size: Medium

Blooming: 20-30sec, 30g water

Time: 2mins15sec



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