Personalised Fusion Coffee Box


Surprise your loved ones with a Personalised Drip Coffee Gift, perfect for any occasion. Show your friends or family that you care with this thoughtful, customised present. This personalised gift offers a selection of delicious drip bag coffee with the choice to personalise the label and add customised text. Perfect giveaway for birthdays, anniversaries, a heartfelt farewell gift for a friend or colleague, a special souvenir, or a special token to express your appreciation for someone!

  • Drip Bag Coffee x 10 per box
  • Kobe Blend drip bag Coffee 8 bags x 4
  • Roaster's Blend drip bag Coffee 8 bags x 3
  • French Roast drip bag Coffee 8 bags x 3
  • Mixed Flavours of: Caramel / Toffee / Brown sugar / Butterscotch / Dark Chocolate
  • This is a Pre-Order Gift - We will process and ship within 10 working days from the order date.
  • We can hold the shipment for up to 90 days.
  • Want to have specific beans and quantities with this Personalised Coffee gift? WhatsApp us now!