Colombia Huila Supremo Washed Coffee

Colombia Huila Supremo Washed Coffee

Colombia Huila Supremo Washed Coffee

Colombia is famous for producing some of the world's finest coffee. The country's high altitude, fertile soil, and ideal climate make it an ideal place to grow coffee beans. Colombian coffee is known for its rich, smooth flavor with a mild acidity and medium body.

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The Huila region is one of the most well-known coffee-growing areas of Colombia. Along with Cauca and Nariño, Huila is one of the three departments where the Colombian Massif is located. The Magdalena River, Colombia's largest river, also runs through the region, providing plenty of water for coffee farming and generating (directly and indirectly) about 86% of Colombia GDP.

Screen sizes remain fairly uniform across countries but grade names are often unique to the country of origin. In the Colombian grading system, Supremo is the largest bean size.





The process of separating beans by size is a crucial stage of the dry milling process. A screen grading machine has a series of screens stacked on top of each other. Green coffee is fed into the machine, and as the screens are shaken, beans that are smaller than holes on a specific screen will fall through to a lower screen until they reach a screen with holes too small for them to fit.  

Supremo is typically screen sizes 18 to 20. In a Supremo blend, beans are between 7 and 8 millimeters in size. 




Colombia Huila Supremo Washed coffee is a single origin premium coffee beans from Colombia. This coffee is wash processed and roasted in dark roast level. Notes of cherry, vanilla, honey with whiskey aroma.

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Brew this coffee using a French press or pour-over. French press or pour-over brewing methods can bring out the best in a dark roast Colombian coffee. These methods allow you to control the water temperature, brewing time and extraction, resulting in a rich, full-bodied cup.

Enjoy with a pastry or chocolate. This coffee pairs well with pastries or chocolate, as the rich flavors of the coffee complement the sweetness of these treats!

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