Timor-Leste Daurfusu Honey Coffee

Timor-Leste Daurfusu Honey Coffee

Timor-Leste Daurfusu Honey Coffee

Coffee has played a role in Timor-Leste's history, initially introduced by Portuguese traders in the 19th century. Despite early profitability favoring Portuguese landowners and subsequent challenges during periods of colonization and occupation, Timor-Leste has successfully revitalized its coffee sector post-independence in 2002 with international aid. Today, coffee constitutes 80% of the country's total export revenue.

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Timor-Leste coffee is characterized by a unique and complex flavor profile that reflects the country's distinct geographic and climatic conditions. Grown in the challenging environment, Timor-Leste coffee exhibits a rich and full-bodied taste. The beans are often noted for their well-balanced acidity, offering a bright and lively sensation on the palate. The cup typically presents a harmonious blend of fruity and earthy notes, with hints of chocolate and spice. Despite the adversities in cultivation, Timor-Leste coffee stands out for its uniqueness and the ability to produce a cup that combines nuanced flavors, making it a noteworthy and evolving player in the global coffee scene.





The Daurfusu Farmer Group in Timor-Leste, consisting of 37 members led by Simiao Pedro de Deus – serves as the community leader, focuses on meticulous cherry picking and careful processing to produce high-quality washed coffee. Coffee is the primary income source for the group members. The village lot comprises various small lots, each processed separately on individual farms using traditional methods. Every family harvests their own cherries by hand with care, and pulps them using a custom pulper constructed in the area out of gum wood and hammered tin. To guarantee uniform drying, the residual mucilage and parchment are spread out and dried on tarps. Once dried, the parchment is delivered to the Lutlala washing station, where Simiao and station workers assess and aggregate the produce from Daurfusu Farmer Group members.

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Timor-Leste Daurfusu Honey Coffee is a single origin premium coffee beans from Lutlala Washing Station, Ermera region in Timor-Leste. This coffee undergone a honey process and roasted at a light level. Smooth profile of honey sweetness, blueberries and clean body, with orange blossom and strawberry aftertaste.

Brewing method

Elevate every sip with a delightful brew using this recipe crafted by our skilled barista.

Method: Hand Drip
Water Temperature: 92℃
Ratio: 1:12.5 (12.5g coffee to 225g water)
Grind size: Medium
Blooming: 20-30sec, 30g water
Time: 2mins 15sec

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