Panama Geisha Natural Coffee

Panama Geisha Natural Coffee

Panama Geisha Natural Coffee
Savour a premium coffee from Panama!

This Panama Boquete Garrido Geisha Natural premium coffee was carefully handled by the Garrido family focused on specialty coffee with the dedicated members who carefully manage all the aspects of the coffee process. 

One of Boquete's oldest coffee farms is Mama Cata Estate. Coffee grows from 1,500 to 1,700 meters above sea level. Caturras, typicas, geishas, and other varieties are among them. The overall cupping notes distinctive to the terroir include chocolates & citrus with a floral, herbal, fruit & cream character enriched with a juicy, sweet & silky flavor.

The coffees are hand picked and undergo a natural process. They dry the coffee on African beds & patios. All the coffees are offered under intensive quality control.


What makes this Geisha coffee so unique?

This rare variety is called a Geisha and was originally found in Panama over 40 years ago. It is said to have originally come from Ethiopia in the 1930's, traveling through Africa, into Costa Rica and finally arriving into Panama in the 1960's.

Garrido found out that there are many issues with the Geishas. They are extremely slow at growing and will usually take 7 years before they start-producing fruit. In order to get these coffee trees producing fruit every year, they have to feed them twice as often with fertilizers.  Besides the low yielding, slow growing trees, he found out that they are very vulnerable to insect damage and diseases.

Jose David's father chose to retain them since they were attractive. Years later, when they start to cup coffees from trees, they realize that what was growing was not only unique, but outstanding in the cup.

 roasted premium coffee   filter coffee bloom

To this day, many of these trees still exist and are still producing fruit. Today they pick coffee and keep that coffee separate on every Geisha coffee tree.  Each is marked for cup quality and characteristics.  They dry and process on their own and carefully trace each lot. They also realized that Geisha's are not all the same. Even nearby trees can have drastically diverse cup profiles and rarely have a "True Geisha Cup Profile."  They also found out that some trees are picking up flavors of neighboring trees, like orange and lemon trees.  So they planted wind barrier trees to protect the Geisha's.

filter coffee


This Geisha coffee has a delicious flavours of green apple, peach and dried longan. Enjoy its juicy body, citrus acidity and unmistakable jasmine and tangerine aroma. For the lovely readers, our skilled barista recommends you to brew this amazing coffee in Chemex, filter or pour over to enhance flavour.

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