Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural Coffee

Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural Coffee

Uganda Kasese Mubuku Natural Coffee
Try this single origin coffee from Uganda and enjoy its sweetness in your cup.

Uganda's top export is coffee, which employs nearly 100% of the country's workforce. Coffee is the country's most important export, despite being eclipsed by its continental cousins. Over the last few years, coffee has been increasingly popular in Uganda.



Kasese station receives cherries from about 4,300 farms. They're dispersed across a large network of farms and villages. The collecting locations' contact farmers are an important aspect of the system. Every collection station must follow set procedural guidelines in order to receive cherries.


Uganda Mubuku Natural Coffee is a single origin specialty grade coffee beans from Kasese region in Uganda. This coffee is natural processed and roasted in medium dark level. Low acidity with tree nuts, plum, oolong tea flavour.

Kasese is situated on the banks of the Mubuku River, which flows from the Upper Rwenzori glaciers to Lake George. Queen Elizabeth National Park is the station's southern neighbor.

Every day, cherries are delivered from collection areas to the station. Everyone contributes to the creation of these really intriguing Naturals from carefully collected and sorted cherry. Uganda Mubuku coffee has strong specialty grades in all processing processes, giving you the option to try new and creative ways to bring out the delicious tastes.



Around 90 seasonal employees operate at the Naturals coffee drying tables. They periodically turn and rake the cherry to ensure equal drying. They're also keeping an eye on the weather to ensure the cherry is safe from rain, excess moisture, and direct sunshine. The warehouse, where manual hulling for sample preparation is done, is run by a smaller workforce. Weekly, these samples are transferred to a facility in Kampala for analysis.


We have roasted this Uganda Mubuku Natural Coffee to a medium dark that highlights stone fruit, nutty aroma while maintaining sweetness in the cup. It will make a great black coffee with the use of your favorite filter tools. 


Our roaster's personal brew ratio:

Coffee: 18g

Water Temperature: 92℃

Total Water: 310g

Prewet: 45g

Final Weight: 280g

Time: 2:30s

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