Yunnan KongQue Washed Coffee

Yunnan KongQue Washed Coffee

Yunnan KongQue Washed Coffee
Discover an exceptional taste of coffee from Yunnan!

In Yunnan, a number of coffee projects have been developing. Yunnan provides perfect circumstances for specialty coffee production, despite not being widely renowned for coffee production.

The Yunnan Province in western China produces the majority of China's coffee. They are able to offer a range of great value coffees with homogeneity and consistent characteristics thanks to partnerships and a Yunnan-based lab. Yunnan is a lovely corner of the world with numerous prospects for coffees, both as unique products and for enhancing the robustness and vitality of particular blends.

The majority of Yunnan coffee travels through Pu'er, which is home to the majority of dry mills. The majority of producers sell their coffee to commercial dry mills, who then sell it to exporters or domestic roasters. Those who do not sell their cherries to coyotes must process them themselves or sell them to wet mills.


Yunnan Coffee Taste

The cooler evening temperatures at higher altitudes in Yunnan's coffee-growing region result in a high amount of sweetness. A Yunnan coffee's overall cup experience is one of strong sweetness and typical citrus acidity, balanced out with a thick creamy body.

green coffee beans  

Yunnan KongQue Washed Stack Coffee is consistent and well-balanced in the cup. Most people have never had Yunnan coffee, so this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to introduce coffee enthusiasts to something completely different. This coffee grows in various farms in Yunnan. They grow this coffee at an altitude of 1,400 to 1,600 masl. This Yunnan coffee is a Catimor variety and Fully washed.

This coffee is roasted at a light level by our roaster that gives you a cup of clean, light body, jasmine, citrus flavours and tangerine finish. Our roaster recommends to try this coffee in espresso and filter (Black coffee).

Try this Brewing Recipe!
Method: Hand Drip
Water Temperature: 92℃
Ratio: 1:12.5. (20g coffee to 250g water)
Grind size: Medium
Blooming: 30 sec, 20g water
Time: 2mins 30sec

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